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Hey everyone!! I am the former blogger of Healthy Jewish Princess.  I have decided to switch to Healthy Heeb. It feels so fitting for who I am and where I am at in this point in life. Sure, I try to be healthy. Jewish, check. But, princess? Hm, not quite hitting the mark for me. So, it’s Healthy Heeb I be!! Yargg!! (And I’m a pirate too).  Do not confuse “heeb” with the magazine. Yes, Heeb magazine is super cool and I can’t come close to their caliber of super cool posts and articles at this point.  “Heeb” is just a slang term for “Hebrew”, not the language but being an actual Hebrew person. Or something like that?

I had spent this past year in Israel. I went for what I planned to be an 8 week visit there and ended up staying for the YEAR! Cool? Yes! Somewhat Insane? Maybe. Either way, I had an amazing time there and I miss it dearly. I learned so much about the country, Judaism, food, health, life, living, spirituality and so much more. I am seriously considering moving there but this point I am trying to see what NY had to offer and enjoy my time here for now. I am looking to possibly enroll in culinary school or find some courses on integrative nutrition.

My diet has changed quite considerably. I did a week-long seminar on wellness, detoxification and conscious eating before I returned to the states. It changed the way I eat a great deal. It’s literally called “Food Camp“. It’s about how to eat according to the Jewish year, “the Jewish Year Diet”. It’s a mix of macrobiotic principals and the Jewish calendar. Animal products are allowed on Shabbat (Friday night for Jews) and Chagim (holidays) and other times during the year, yet very sparingly.

In my case, It is best for me not to eat dairy (gasp! no more cheese!). I am trying to cut out sugar as well but it’s quite difficult. Plus no tropical fruits/vegetables allowed (goodbye avocados!).  So for now I strive to eat organic and healthy food. Sure, I may slip and eat a banana. Yet on the whole I am growing to love short grain brown rice with chickpeas and umeboshi plum paste. Plus, organic produce should always be the way to go.

I really want to continue sharing my food adventures. I am trying to get the hang of making sourdough bread and pickled veggies. But it is going to take alot to have me give up baking cupcakes! (Totally healthy of course!)

Stayed tuned friends Shalom for now!! 🙂

P.S. Here is a video that I made with Lorelai Lehrer (who runs the super awesome online radio station Radio Free Nachlaot) on my experience at Food Camp:


About Sharon

Hi everyone in the outer internet universe! My name is Sharon and i am an aspiring vegetarian foodie blogger and YouTuber. I plan to write about my misadventures with food and exercise (a.k.a. "schvitzing").

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